I'm Emil Bay, a freelance hacker from Copenhagen, Denmark.
I've previously worked at Umwelt, DTU HPC and Politiken.

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Talk: Keeping passwords safe in 2017 at JSConf EU 2017

Information to be released…

Talk: HyperJournal — A tamper-proof publishing system at JSConf Australia 2016

I was extemely fortunate to have my proposal accepted at JSConf.

The talk brifely outlines my previous work on SNP, how information and public opinion are important instruments in warfare and the need for trustworthy, yet anonymous, journalism as outlined in Eric Smith & Jared Cohen's book The New Digital Age.

I compress a primer on cryptography into the remaining 20 minutes, in an attempt to show how cryptography works, how to break a simple cipher, what a perfect cipher is and how to bootstrap trust.

Over the course of the talk we build up the components needed to create digital signatures, which yields a tamper-proof system.

Finally I outline open problems in implementing HyperJournal and projects working in the same space.

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Project: SNP (Syrian News for Print-Media)

SNP is a collaborative project between seven Syrian news papers to unite the war-torn country. The project is sponsored by IMS.

I worked with the design laboratory Trouble to develop the WordPress website that powers their effort.

It was a very interesting challenge to optimise the website for Arabic, Right-to-Left, minimal bandwith and simplicity.

TV: Menneskejagt

After my article in Politken I was very fortuante to get the oppertunity to appear in the social experiment "Menneskejagt" (Manhunt), broadcast on Danish Public Service channel DR3.

The premise of the experiment was "is it possible to hide in todays survaillance society", and 6 groups of representative danes had to hide for an unknown number of weeks.

I was on the team of investigators as a "computer analyst".

My most notiable contribution was finding the leading clue for catching the most tech-savvy contestant, by conducting a network analysis of Facebook activity.

Article: Sådan hackede vi Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste

An interactive article I built and co-authored while at Politiken, showing how a "hacker" would work through the public challenge posted by the Danish Defence Intelligence Service for their new cyber warfare programme.

The article stayed within the top 10 most read articles for seven hours on the day it was posted, despite never making it "above the fold" on the frontpage of

Translated title: "How we cracked the Danish Defence Intelligence Service"

Talk: Marrying Node.js and Umbraco at CodeGarden 2015

CodeGarden is the yearly conference for the open source .Net CMS system Umbraco. For our work on Roskilde Festival at Umwelt, a novel architecutre was designed to meet their operational demands.

This resulted in a hybrid system between Node.js and Umbraco. The presentation covers the operational specification of Roskilde Festival, how we iterated on the system design, and performance hurdles we overcame, eg. how a memory leak in the caching layer of the Node.js subsystem was closed, preventing the service from crashing and yield memory savings of 10x.

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Editorial Developer at Politiken

Full-stack Developer at Umwelt

Hadoop Developer at DTU HPC

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